Thursday, 29 September 2016

Cafe Hopping at Melbourne

It was an overdue blog post. I almost lost my interest to write them down. Market Lane Coffee was the first cafe that i stop by after settled down my home-stay at MEL. Limited space, crowds came major aim for take away. I must say this is the best latte i ever had. I kind of regret not return back there for second cup. It’s milky but not overpowering the coffee flavor. i never had tasted coffee aftertaste from latte ever since I start my coffee journey. Here definitely is a must place for coffee lover.

Market Lane Coffee (Therry Street)
109-111 Therry Street,
Melbourne 300,
Vic Australia. 

Head to The Waffle Club after finish exploring at Queen Victoria Market.
Had Strawberry Deluxe (7AUD) Leige Waffle topped with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and Belgium chocolate drips. waffle nothing to rave about, not a recommended waffle stop.

The Waffle Club
452 Queen Street
3000 Melbourne, VIC 

On the second day, we push ourselves to wake up very early, head down to South Melbourne, to have the world's best Ricotta Hotcake at The Kettle Black café. To beat the long queue, we make sure we were there right before their operating time at 7am. Upon reaching, a white Victoria terrace awaits us, surrounded with lush setting. Inside café also another beautiful white and greenery details.

A skillet cake packed with aplenty berries and seeds. Texture wise, thick and fluffy center with crispy exterior. The bottom drenched with right amount of maple syrup and coupled with a dollop of cream, each bite is an outright bite of heaven. Coffee is good, but still unbeatable the cuppa that i had at Market Lane café.

The Kettle Black
50 Albert Road
South Melbourne

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tokyo Secret Malaysia @ IPC

Might be a little tricky to locate them as they don't own a noticeable signboard, so just look for Mac City store, it's hiding at the inside corner. Limited dining space, major for take away purposes. Waiting time can be long, as all the cheese tart are freshly baked, batch by batch. RM7.90 per piece, surprisingly size is bigger than expected. I'm pretty amaze with the superbly crumbly cookies alike tart shell. The inside is filled with delicate, gooey half baked cheese, and i reckon that molten cheese actually is under-cooked Japanese soft cheese cake batter. If my guess is right, this tart may insufficiently *hygiene* to be eaten :) Sample another two ice cream, Kyoto Mocha (RM9) with Shiratama Dango (free one add-on) and Fujiyama Winter (RM16) soft serve made by Hokkaido milk, topped with blueberry sauce, crunchy flakes, and chocolate snow flakes. Latter taste much better in comparison, and quite videogenic as it comes with fog.
Tokyo Secret Malaysia
G23, IPC Shopping Centre,
47800 Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
PJ Selangor.
10am-10pm Everyday

Monday, 4 July 2016

Merchant's Lane

Here is KL's most beautiful café that I ever seen, if you love old world charm like I do ... ... You may easily miss the location, so look for Kiat Loong Stationary Supplier, Café is right above the shop. Menu majority serves Asian food delight which hardly get my attention, so I opt for a slice of Carrot Walnut (RM13), pair with a cuppa of Latte (RM11). Cake was a decent piece encased with spices and wasn't too overpowering. Coffee on the other hand was too mild and taste pretty unusual. Weekend crowd starts after 11am, so come beforehand to avoid the long long queue.

Merchant's Lane 美真林
No 150, Jalan Petaling, City Centre,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Weekdays: 11.30-10pm, except Wednesday
Weekends: 9.30-10pm