Saturday, 3 August 2013

Three Ingredient Banana Chocolate Cake (rice cooker)

Hola, I’m back to another home made cake sharing post.
Three ingredient? I didn’t bluff, You only need three ingredient to make this yummylicious, definitely spongy chocolate cake. Take note on step 4,5&6, these are the crucial step to your final result.
* 3egg yolk+ 1egg
* 3egg white
* 1 tea spoon of honey vinegar
* 150g chocolate bar
* 2 mashed medium size banana

1) melt the chocolate by double boil technique, let it cool.
2) mix the egg yolk& 1egg with the chocolate.
3) then, the well mashed banana.
4) beat the egg white until stiff peak ( around 3 minutes by using electric mixer). Then, add the vinegar and stir gently.
5) take half of the whipped egg white into chocolate batter, fold well.
6) then, pour the chocolate batter back into centre of whipped egg white, fold well.
7) set bake function at rice cooker with 30 mins time.
For Step 5&6, please click this FOLDING EGG WHITE video.

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