Saturday, 3 August 2013


If u following my Instagram, I believe you have been seeing this picture
Before. I cooked a bowl of red bean soup with barley to fix my sudden crave on red bean.
Super convenient if you using 电子砂煲 ( I don’t know what does it called in English. I get the answer from google is Slow Cooker :))))
1) Get the amount of red bean and barley (optional) you want to cook.
2) Wash it, especially the barley, you will be surprise because a lot of *food’s insect* welcome you over this step.
3) Boil up the red bean twice to soften its outer shell.
4) Put the heated red bean,barley and drinking water(triple amount than bean) into the cooker.
Mine cooker only have 3 cooking mode; low, high, and auto heat.
5) Select high heat. Let it boil until bubble form.
6) Change to auto heat.
7) Sweetness adjust by your own. For healthy option, you can choose molasses sugar.
I prefer my red bean soup more sandy (qi sha, 起沙). So I let it cook very very long hours until 5.
Sounds Crazy? I don’t think so. As long as I got the taste that keep floating in my mind…..^^

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