Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Japanese Soft Cheese Cake

Cheese cake basically categorized into two.
American style which consist a thick layer of cream cheese and come with a cookies base.

Japanese style which bake the cake in light and spongy texture.

Which is your favorite? I will choose the latter.

I always want to try to bake one. But cream cheese is not a cheap stuff, so I have to put 100% afford to make it. While searching the best recipe for my cheese cake, I discover this video which teaching us how to make cheese cake in such an easy way.

Only THREE ingredient you need. The outcome exactly like those selling at confectionery.

A kind advise for you. Please get the FINEST white chocolate bar for your cheese cake!
To save cost, I bought cheap white chocolate. While I mixing the white chocolate and cream cheese together, the mixture forms a lot of lumps. End up I need to sieve twice to smooth out the batter. And I realize the lump is actually sugar.

this simplest cheese cake recipe, you definitely have to try it out! 

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