Saturday, 8 February 2014

Brownies : simple& easy Gift for your beloved person.

This is so called as the simplest dessert to make. No mixer required. You just need to prepare a few bowl, dump everything together, pour into a baking pan and bake it. After that, it is ready to serve or pack as present for your coming valentine.

texture wise? crunchy crust with intense chocolatey bursting from inside. video shows how cracking the crust is   .... ^^ ...


Ingredient that you need: 

- 200g milk chocolate 
- 200g butter (replaced half with margarine

- 80g caster sugar (reduced to 50g
- pinch of salt 
- 150g beaten egg

- 80g cake flour (reduced to 50g
- 1 tablespoon chocolate powder 

- dry fruit and nuts 

1) melt (A) by double boiler technique. 

2) beat (B) until well combined.

3) pour (A) into (B).

4) sift in (C), then dry fruit and nuts.

5) pour the batter into a baking tin which lined with baking paper.

5) bake in preheated oven 170 Celsius for 25 minutes. 

Before (up)  and after (down) chocolate powder added.

Remember to sift your flour.....  :) 

This recipe is adapted from 
 <----- this book 

And linked to cook your book #9 hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours


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