Wednesday, 30 April 2014

No Mixer No Oven - Rice Cooker Banana Cake

I'm not baking for a decade! Not because I'm lazy, it is due to no water supply in my housing area.
Dear GOV, how long the water restriction PROGRAM going end? ...... people are Suffering!

this is an impromptu bake, without referring any website, truly "thealovetea" own Banana Cake recipe...  :)

Proud on myself! hahaha

For creaming the butter and sugar, you can use electronic hand mixer. But i want to challenge my skill and my arm strength, so I choose whisker  ... hihi ... 

Although I'm not using hand mixer, the cake still so soft and spongy, not too sweet and it smells very buttery! The only imperfect is a tad oily. I will definitely try this recipe again with less butter and add some CHOCOLATE into it!

  • 100g good quality butter (recommend to reduce half, i found out my cake turns out a bit oily)
  • 50g soft brown sugar 
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 medium riped banana
  • 1 cup Self Raising flour 

  • make sure butter and egg in room temperature. 
Room temperature butter ----> easy to press by finger.
Faster way to bring those eggs into room temperature -----> immerse into hot water about 3mins.
  • grease the rice cooker and line with baking paper.
  • well beaten the two eggs.
  • well mashed the bananas.
  • sift the flour.
Creaming butter and sugar until it turns whitey, fluffy and double in volume.

Add the beaten eggs.

1/4 cup of flour.

Then, the natural sweetener Riped Banana! 

Lastly, add all the residual flour. Do not over mixing the batter!

Pour the batter into the rice cooker pan.
Set *CAKE* function for 25 to 30mins or until the cake springy when touch.
(I'm using Buffalo smart cooker, model:buffaloSC10, cup capacity:5cups)  

Let the cake cools completely before served.

This post is linking to "Rice Cooker Cake Challenge #1 - Are you Game for It? " hosted by  Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders.

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