Sunday, 3 August 2014

SoyMilk OatMeal

After seeing ellena guan posted plenty of overnight oat recipe. I'm start thinking to made some for myself. But my stomach cannot stand with chill food, especially in the morning. So I'm decided to cook the rolled oat instead of soaking it overnight. 

To avoid milk intolerance (which only happen in the morning or when I'm hungry... Hahaha. I admit I have a sensitive stomach), I'm not using milk but soy milk to cook my rolled oat. 

Regular rolled oat (less process) actually taste much better than instant oat. Once instant oat mix with water, they will start sticking together and becoming glue texture. I think this is the main reason why people don't like to eat them. So if you have the same view like I do, you may start your hearty breakfast with rolled oat first. You can cook it on the night before, chill it into the fridge. In the next morning, just spoon out the portion you want, microwave for a minute, and sprinkle your favorite topping.

Here are the ingredient: 

  • 2tbspn rolled oat (regular,not instant type) 
  • 2oo ml soy milk (no added sugar for healthy option) 

Heat both ingredient until boil or the oat become softer and larger in size.  For easier way, stop the heat once the lovely soya bean smell releasing. 
         soy milk oatmeal with (salted macadamia/banana/honey)

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  1. I use the instant oat stomach also can;t take cold food in the morning, so I will just take it out from the fridge, leave for 15-20 minutes before consuming.