Saturday, 27 June 2015

ROCKU Yakiniku Malaysia, Pavilion

Thanks again to OpenRice for another food tasting invitation at ROCKU Yakiniku.
Rocku Yakiniku is a first Japanese Barbecue Cuisine restaurant in Malaysia that comes with live performances like musicians and magicians during night time.
Rocku serves BBQ in buffet style that cost quite in reasonable price. 

  • For daytime(11am-5pm) charge at RM39.90++ for weekdays.
  • For dinner(5pm-11pm) price rise to RM49.90++ for everyday.
  • Buffet  limit to 100 minutes per meal, if you need more time, it will cost RM9.90 for extra 20 minutes.

first round of order will serve with a platter of beef (chuck tender, ribeye, striploin), pork (belly, collar) and seafood (mussels, prawn, salmon, butter fish, squid, scallop, shisamo).

My most favorite platter is Beef, imported all the way from Australia and New Zealand. Thinly sliced, marinated with special sweet soy sauce, grilling over charcoal to create a wonderful smoke that covers the meat with flavor. 

Always wipe down the grill grates with bacon fat before start your next grill to avoid meat from sticking.
If you are not satisfied for your first round, you can check the ordering chit for a variety of food like lamb, chicken, miso soup, enoki mushroom and so on, or reorder your favorite platter from the first round. 
(lamb shoulder)

Besides the BBQ selections, i also enjoy the cooked food section especially chicken karaage (deep fried chicken),  idako (baby octopus), kurage (jellyfish), and fried rice with  Japanese chicken curry. 
(assorted vegetable and mushroom for grill)
There are three dipping sauces available: ponzu, spicy miso and chili sauce. I personally think the spicy miso goes well for BBQ, chili sauce best for dipping.
In the same time, you may want to check out the ceiling which is full of hanging sake bottles. 
No worries about smoky smell as we always encounter in BBQ restaurant, because  ROCKU’s charcoal grills are smokeless. They inbuilt the suction system around the grill instead of hanging at the top, so the entire place is completely smoke-free although it is full house.

Don't limit yourself of trying the world's finest sake from Gekkeikan.
kirei umeshu with collagen (rm65)
yamadanishiki special junmai (rm57)

Last but not least,  Ice cream from the last polka as a perfect ending.
(chocolate/coconut/mango) RM3.9/scoop

ROCKU Yakiniku Malaysia
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Level 7

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