Sunday, 3 January 2016

Nadeje Cake Shop @ 1 Utama

Malacca' s well-known Millle Crepes dessert, Nadeje is branched out into 1 Utama this year during month of July. I had tried Nadeje before when I had my road trip to Malacca quite a long long time ago, but i remember my last Mille crepes journey did not satisfied me. Thanks OpenRice for the food tasting invitation, else I wouldn't know Nadeje had improve its' Mille crepes so much in terms of taste and flavor. I was allowed to choose two of my favorite from the menu. For take away oders, they will provide ice packs to keep the crepes cool. I was advised not to keep the crepes outside more than an hour and the crepes can last for two days in the fridge. I choose Rum& Raisin and Mango Yogurt (RM12.60 per slice) to sample. Both taste equally decadent, alternating crepe and cream layers literally melt in your month and leaving a subtle sweet finish. My only complaint is missing of alcoholic flavor from the raisin.

Nadeje Cake Shop 1Utama
Lot GK101, Level G (Old Wing)
Right Opposite Aeon

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  1. What a beautiful crepe cake! Pity the flavour is lacking! :(
    Happy New Year to you and your family Thea! Have an amazing 2016 ahead!