Saturday, 22 August 2015

London Sandwich Co.

I have eyed on their coffee for so long, but every time when I'm passing by they were closed. (They start work at 7.30am, same as mine :)) so I can only visit those coffee shops which open at 7am or earlier. Lucky me, During the Malay Puasa period they operate at 7am. Finally, I got a chance to try on their coffee 
.... ^^ ....
Latte (RM12)
It tastes pretty sour, ldk why, perhaps the milk? 
They draw coffee art which does surprise me as a take away coffee.
Mocha & Closed Croissant combo (RM14 +2)
It cost quite steep for a cup of mocha, thus attracts me to try. Although it is pretty expensive but this intensively chocolaty and caffeine-ss cuppa of mocha is definitely worth your every single penny. I reckon it as a powerful morning booster... ^^ ... Croissant wasn't much to mention, taste rather mediocre. 
Mocha (RM14)
Reminiscent taste and keep pushing me back to grab it!
Cappuccino (RM12)
strong and noticeable coffee flavor, latte art remain still till the end of my last sip.

London Sandwich Co.
KLCC Concourse C-68 (near train station exit)
Opening hours:
weekdays 7.30am-10pm
weekends 10am-10pm
Website: Facebook

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